The limitations that apply to different functionalities when you access a file or a storage option from the third-party apps through Workspace ONE Content are listed.

  • Local Storage files are not accessible as Open In functionality for third-party apps is disabled by default. If the Open In functionality is enabled, then the Managed Content can be saved to Local Storage and you are provided with the option to open in a third-party app.
  • When Workspace ONE Content authentication is enabled, you must have Workspace ONE Content unlocked to access it through a third-party app (toast message is displayed).
  • If your admin has configured an app whitelist and the third-party app is not whitelisted, then you cannot open or create files through Workspace ONE Content.
  • For the Managed content, all the content is available while browsing through a third-party app. For other repositories, content is available (for one level) only for those folders that are synced in Workspace ONE Content.