Workspace ONE Content centralizes all your enterprise data in a single container and integrates existing content repositories on your mobile device. Toggle between the available screens to access and manage files.

The For You screen is the first screen you see after you open Workspace ONE Content, serving as the app’s default view. This screen provides an at-a-glance view of all the files that are available for your use.

The files are categorized into sections such as Your files to review, Recently viewed, Featured files, and New content.
  • Your files to review - Files that your admin has marked as required and needs your attention.
  • Recently viewed - Files that you have recently viewed.
  • Featured files - Files that your admin flags as important.
  • New content - Files that your admin has recently published.

Apart from the For You screen, there are other screens available on your Content app where you can view the content. You can navigate to these screens using the icons present at the bottom banner.

Bottom Navigation

Use the icons at the bottom banner of your screen to navigate to the other screens.

Table 1.
Icons Definition
View all the different categories of files available for your use.
View the corporate content stored in enterprise repositories that you have signed into and the files stored locally on your device.

For the repositories that you have not signed into, tap the SIGN IN option to authenticate and gain access.

View all the files you marked as favorite for quick access.
Review the file download and upload activity.

You can view all the In Progress and the completed downloads and uploads of your files from the ALL tab and the file updates sent by your administrator can be updated from the UPDATES tab.

You can cancel the downloads that are in progress and also retry failed uploads.

Top Navigation

Understand the usage of the icons at the top-right corner of your screen.

Table 2.
Icons Definition
Use keywords to search the content.
Access additional options.
  • Filter By - Filter to display a specific document type.
  • Sort By - Specify if you want your documents sorted Alphabetically or by Importance.

  • Sort Order - Specify if you want to sort your documents in Ascending or Descending order.

  • Settings - View the current application settings.
  • Lock - Log out of the Workspace ONE Content and return to the login screen.
  • QR Code - Search or view a downloaded document within the Workspace ONE Content app by scanning a QR code.