View and manage content directly in the app. The menu icon to the right of the content in any list view opens a menu of content management options. Use these options to organize and personalize the content.

To perform actions or access additional functionality, tap the icons on each content tile.

Table 1.
Icon Definition
Favorite Add to your Favorites list. Tap again to remove it from your Favorites list.
Delete Delete the file locally. A prompt appears asking for confirmation.
Extract Extract zipped files to a new repository or folder location.
Download Download to the Workspace ONE Content.
Details View metadata on your file.

Actions on Personal Content

Table 2.
Icon Definition
Move Relocate files to a new Repository or folder location. This action is only available if you have write/delete access to the folder where the files are located (for Personal Content – not AirWatch content). A Move dialog box displays where you can select where to move files.
Share Use the link sharing action to collaborate on projects and configure the Security Settings for Sharing if the administrator has not preset the settings. Share Personal Content through email or text message. Also, you can copy the file to your clipboard, view the link, or remove the document link.