Use the image capture functionality within Workspace ONE Content to easily capture and save a single image or a batch of images in a few simple steps.


  1. Tap the icon on the Content View screen. The Add screen appears.
  2. To launch the camera, tap the icon.
  3. Capture the image and then tap SAVE.
  4. On the Save file screen, enter the file name, choose a location to save the captured image files, and if required add a description for the image. To save the file, you can either choose a previously saved location from Save location or set a new location by using the Choose a different location option.
    • If you capture multiple images, then you can save the images as a batch by providing the Batch name.
    • If you want to save the image or images to a repository, log in to the repository before capturing the image. The repository is displayed in the list of locations available to save the image.
  5. Confirm and save the image.