Using VMware Content Gateway as a secure and effective medium, network share repositories like NetApp, SMB, and Network File Share (NFS) provide content access for end users. The performance of the Content Gateway depends on the number of users syncing and accessing the content.

To help you provide the best experience to your end user, we have tested the NFS repository sync performance at Workspace ONE UEM by configuring NFS with Content Gateway on Unified Access Gateway.

The details provided in this topic helps you to estimate the load Content Gateway can handle with the available resources and helps you to provide seamless access to the end-user documents.

NFS Testing Requirements

The infrastructure that we have used for testing the NFS repository with Content Gateway configured on the Unified Access Gateway appliance is listed in this section. The requirements and details specified in this section can be used for reference purposes. The requirements can change as per your need and supporting infrastructure.

High-Level Infrastructure

  • A single instance of Content Gateway on Unified Access Gateway configured in the cascade mode on VMware vSphere, with a Windows share configured on the same domain.
  • No load balancers are used.
Hardware Specifications
Content Gateway
CPU Core RAM Disk Space Notes
2 4 GB 20 GB The requirements provided in the table are for supporting a basic data query. Large-scale UEM deployment has 4 cores of CPU and 16 GB of RAM to provide higher performance.
Windows NFS
CPU Core RAM Disk Space Notes
16 4 GB 100 GB The requirements provided in the table are used for conducting performance tests on NFS. The results can vary with varying specifications.

Sync Recommendations

The following data is derived from the NFS repository sync performance tested using Workspace ONE UEM. The sync test results can vary if the NFS or Content Gateway specifications are changed. Use the results as reference when using Content Gateway with the NFS repository.

Consider the number of sync requests as device requests with the assumption that each device makes one request.
Number of Files in NFS Repository Number of Sync Requests
In 5 Minutes In 1 Hour
500 7000–8000 85000–87000
1000 5000–6000 55000–60000
5000 2000–3000 20000–23000