Workspace ONE Content allows you to access the corporate and your personal content securely by integrating the existing internal and the cloud repositories on your mobile devices.

The cloud content repositories sync to ensure that you have the most up-to-date content available for access. Using FIPS 140-2 encryption, you can securely open, add, edit, and manage content. However, the parameters set by your admin determine the level of control you have over the content.

Note: To access the features and updates of the latest Workspace ONE Content version, you must update to iOS 14 or later.

Capabilities of Workspace ONE Content for iOS

You can learn more about the features and capabilities of Workspace ONE Content that helps you work more efficiently.

  • Edit PDFs- If your administrator has given you permission, you can edit a PDF document in Workspace ONE Content. You can do this by selecting the edit option, which takes you to the editor workspace where you can make changes to your PDF. You can edit PDF using add, remove, and organizes pages options and can perform the following actions:
    • Add new page
    • Rotate page
    • Delete page
    • Rearrange pages
    • Cut, copy and paste
    • Split and merge documents (Can be achieved with drag and drop gesture)
  • Extract zip files- You can extract a zip file, view its contents, save or share it in the current location by simply double clicking on it. Use the Menu options to save the contents of the zip file in the desired location, email the zip file as an attachment, or open the zip file in the relevant app.
  • Easily navigate to home page- iPad users have the option of navigating to the home page without changing pages.
  • Downloading files in the background for Managed Content– You can keep downloading files when the app is in the background when the download type is set to Automatic or On Demand. You can view the download progress from the notification and also be allowed to pause the download from the notification. You will be notified by App notification when the download is completed.

    Ensure that your administrator set the Authentication type as None and activates CDN (Content Delivery Network) which helps to download files in the background using Workspace ONE UEM 2212 or later versions. To enable this feature, navigate to the app’s Settings > Advanced > Enable features.

    Note: This capability is only accessible for Managed Content repositories and is only supported on devices running iOS 16 or later.
  • Exact Search - You can search for a specific phrase or name by enclosing it in a double quotation marks. The search engine returns only documents that contain the exact phrase you entered.