Use Open In functionality to open email attachments or files from Workspace ONE Content or use Upload functionality to upload files directly from Workspace ONE Content. If the authentication is of type Passcode or Username and Password, then the following actions might be partially restricted.

If your administrator whitelists the following actions, then you can perform these actions from the mentioned apps.
  • Open Workspace ONE Content files from MS Office app – For example, in Word app, select Open > More > Location > Content, the Workspace ONE Content app opens. From Workspace ONE Content,t select the required file to edit in Word app and then save it as a draft or a new version.
  • Email attachment with VMware Workspace ONE Boxer – Tap the attachment and select Open in > Import with Content or Copy to Content to open it in Workspace ONE Content. Then, save the document appropriately.
  • File in the Browser – Tap the file and choose Open In... > Copy to Content and the document opens in Workspace ONE Content. Then, save the document appropriately.
  • Upload to Other Apps – Use the Upload functionality to upload the files directly to other apps using document extensions. You cannot upload the files when the authentication is enabled.

If you open into an app that your administrator has not whitelisted, then you will see an error stating that this action is not allowed.