Access Support from the Settings menu and perform actions on the Workspace ONE Content log files.

Some of the actions that you can perform on the log files are:

  • Send logs to admin server – If there are any issues or errors with your Workspace ONE Content, use this option to send the logs to your administrator. After sending the logs, a status message appears as either Logs sent successfully or Logs failed to send.
  • Email logs – Send the log files as an email attachment to a recipient of your choice. The email opens in VMware Workspace ONE Boxer if configured with a managed account. If Workspace ONE Boxer is not installed, the email opens in your native email client. The log file is provided as a .log attachment with a basic editable description about the log contents.
  • Copy logs to clipboard – Copy the log files to clipboard using this option and then paste it to a new doc, app, or email. After copying successfully to the clipboard, the 'Logs copied' message appears.