Access Support from the Settings menu and perform actions on the Workspace ONE Content log files.

Some of the actions that you can perform on the log files are:

  • Send logs to admin server – If there are any issues or errors with your Workspace ONE Content, use this option to send the logs to your administrator. After sending the logs, a status message appears as either Logs sent successfully or Logs failed to send.
  • Email logs – Send the log files as an email attachment to a recipient of your choice. The email opens in VMware Workspace ONE Boxer if configured with a managed account. If Workspace ONE Boxer is not installed, the email opens in your native email client. The log file is provided as a .log attachment with a basic editable description about the log contents.
  • Copy logs– Copy the log files to clipboard using this option and then paste it to a new doc, app, or email. After copying successfully to the clipboard, the 'Logs copied' message appears.
  • Capture Debug Logs – Debug logs are additional logs that assist administrators in efficiently troubleshooting an issue. You can enable debug logging through the device’s Settings (go to Settings > Select Content > Record Debug Logs) or from the Content app ( go to Content app > Settings > Support > Record Debug Logs).
  • Targeted logging – Record and send logs to your admin for any incident that occurs during a specific flow or duration while using the app. After you activate this option, you must perform the steps that caused the error and then deactivate it. When this option is deactivated, the app automatically sends the log files to the admin. You cannot start and stop targeted logging in offline mode and also you cannot send logs to admin if targeted logging is on.