After opening a PDF document, you can annotate it directly in the app. The added annotations are autosaved in the app.

Use the following tool bar to annotate files. Each open PDF appears in a row of tabs across the PDF viewer.

Table 1.
Icon Definition
Add this document to your Favorites list.
Use the editing tool bar that appears at the top of the screen to annotate the document as needed. Highlighted features include:
  • Sign file – To add a signature to the document, long press the text box icon.
  • Stamp file – To add a stamp to the document, long press the image icon.You can also edit and annotate password protected PDF files.
  • Add notes - To add notes to the document, long press the comment icon.
  • Erase annotations - To erase a freehand annotation, long press the annotation icon and use the eraser tool. Using the free hand eraser tool, you can erase either the whole annotation or a specific part of the annotation.
Add annotations to the document, view the outline, or add bookmarks.
See thumbnail views of all the pages in the document.
Control the brightness level of your screen.
Search the open document for key words.
Email a copy, print the document or open it in another application. If the document is restricted, you cannot open the file anywhere else but you can find information about the file.

You can view the PDFs in both the page width and the full page views when on landscape mode. The page width view can be enabled by toggling the Enable Page Width View for PDFs setting from Preferences on the Settings screen.

Save Options for PDF Files

You can save the changes by tapping the disk icon that appears in the bottom bar of the screen after you annotate the file. Follow the prompts to save changes. The Save File window appears with the options for saving:

  • Save File as a New Version. The file name remains the same but a new version number is added to the content card.
  • Save File as a New File with a new version. Edit the New File Name and Location if desired.
  • Save File as a Draft, which is saved to the User Hub but not synced to a repository. A draft icon appears next to the file status. To move the document out of draft status, save the document as a new file.

After saving, you can close the document by tapping the X in the tab, or tap Back to return to the content screen where you last accessed content.

Flatten Annotations for PDF Files

The annotations that you add in the PDF file might not appear when the file is opened in a file viewer outside of the Workspace ONE apps. For the annotations to appear, you must flatten the annotations.

To flatten the annotations, toggle the Flatten Annotation setting in the Save File window that appears while saving the file. The flattened annotations appear in the PDF but can no longer be edited or removed.