Workspace ONE Content offers various edit options for Microsoft Office files using which you can edit the files directly in the app.

After opening a Microsoft Word or Excel document, you can edit it directly in the app to ensure it is protected alongside your other corporate data. The following options are available to edit document.

Table 1.
Icon Definition
Use this menu to save the file, send as an attachment on an email, print, open into (if available), add comment, or exit.
Undo and redo actions as needed.
Add pictures, text, shapes, table, chart, symbol, header and footer, hyperlink, bookmark, footnote and endnote.
Use this option to format or edit fonts, paragraph, and style settings.
Select to access other menu options to format the document. Perform find and replace, turn track changes on or off, spell check, and so on.
To mark items or objects, draw over the document.
To perform the actions like copy, cut, or delete, tap on added text, images, chart, and table. To edit data, double tap on the chart. You can also edit and save documents with custom fonts using Workspace ONE Content.

Save Options for Microsoft Office Files

Microsoft Office files can be saved in different ways. To decide how and where you want to save the file, tap the menu icon and then follow the prompts.

On tapping the icon, an Import window appears with the following options:

  • Save File as a New Version. The file name remains the same but a new version number is added to the content card. (The availability of this option can change depending on your repository settings.)
  • Save As a New File with a new version. Edit the New File Name and Location. This text box appears while saving word documents from your Personal Content.
  • Save As a Draft which appears on the screens and is saved to the User Hub but not synced to a repository. A draft icon appears next to the file status. To move the document out of draft status, save the document as a new file. After saving, tap the icon at the top of the screen to return to where you last accessed content.