Securely share information about the documents with collaborators directly in the app.

You can use the following content sharing features:
  • Add collaborators to files and folders and assign role-based access to each collaborator. Remove as needed.
  • Secure shared documents by requiring a passcode for file access.
  • Limit the number of days the document is available and the maximum allowed number of downloads.
  • Share files and folders by creating unique links for the distribution through email, text message, or copy and paste the link as needed. View shared links and unshare as needed.

    Use the following tools found on any of the content cards or in content list views:

    Table 1.
    Icon Definition
    Share the file by creating a Password (required) on the form. To edit the Security Settings and finish filling out the form, tap Share. Choose Link Sharing Options or unshare the file.
    Share the folder with other employees by tapping Add Collaborators and give them role-based access to the folder. Use the + icon to add more collaborators. Swipe on collaborator names to show options for deleting names.

Activity Feed

You can se the Activity Feed to keep track of the content in the Personal Content repository. View when you or others:
  • Create new content
  • Work on content files
  • Create new folders
  • Delete or rename content
  • Delete or rename folders