View and perform actions on your files directly in the app. The icons on the content cards help you perform various actions such as favoriting, deleting, uploading, downloading content and so on. Use bulk actions to organize many files at once. You can import documents from third-party apps only if your administrator whitelists the third-party apps.

Actions on Individual Content Cards

Table 1.
Icon Definition
Add to your Favorites list. Tap again to remove it from your Favorites list.
This icon indicates that you saved the document as a draft. Draft is stored locally on your device. You can access them anytime by viewing drafts in the User Hub. Drafts are not yet synced to a repository.
This icon indicates that content was updated.
Use this menu to find information, delete, rename, collaborate by commenting or sharing (if available). Use open in functionality (if available) to send the document as an email attachment or with another secure application, or add the content to Favorites.
Download content from a Personal Content repository or a Corporate Content repository to the device.
Upload content to the Self-Service Portal or sync with your enterprise network.
Content is in the process of downloading to the device.

Bulk Actions on Multiple Content Cards

To perform actions on the documents, select multiple files or folders and use the actions on the left-navigation bar. Unavailable actions appear in gray and are not usable.

Table 2.
Icon Definition
Tap to select and group files together to perform bulk actions. A check mark appears.
Add to your Favorites list. This feature is available only on iPad.
If Workspace ONE Boxer is configured with your managed account, use the app to send the email.
If Workspace ONE Boxer is not configured, use the native mail client to send the email.
Copy the file in the selected folder or create a folder for the copied file.
Delete the file. A prompt appears to ask for confirmation.
Press to exit the bulk action functionality and return to the content screen on an iPad device. On an iPhone device, select Cancel to exit.