Use Workspace ONE Content to securely add and maintain content. The + icon is used to add the content. This icon appears on all the content screens so that you can add the new content anytime. You can create content from the Home, Activity, Feed screens, or from a repository.

When creating content from the Home, Activity or Feed screens, you are prompted to choose a location to save your content. When creating content from a repository, your content is saved directly to that repository.

The content types that you can create using the Workspace ONE Content are many.

Table 1.
Content Type Definition
Document Add Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Text files. Edit the files and then name and save the document appropriately.
Folder Add a folder and select a repository to save the folder.
Repository Enter a repository link and select Continue to complete the process.
Camera Add and save images and videos as files by providing the filename in a selected location.
Photo Library Import the existing photos on your device to a repository.
Audio Record and save an audio file to a repository.
Note: You can record up to 60 minutes of continuous audio. After 60 minutes, the Content app automatically stops the recording.