Workspace ONE Content centralizes all your enterprise data in a single container and integrates existing content repositories on your mobile device. Toggle between the available screens to access and manage files.

Understanding the Home View

The multi-functional Home view is the first screen you see after you open Workspace ONE Content. It displays high priority content and serves as a central navigation location.

High priority content distinguishes the content that requires special notice into defined categories.

Table 1.
High Priority Content Definition
Required View content your administrator marked as required.
Featured Access content your administrator flagged as important.
New Access newly added content.
Recent Access recently viewed or updated files.

Side Navigation

You can access any of the following icons from the side of your screen.

Table 2.
Icons Definition
Access to find application information and settings.
Access admin-selected Content Types in the app’s default view.
Access and view content stored on your corporate network and content you uploaded to the cloud.
Keep a record of personal content actions in the activity feed.
View the content you bookmarked for quick access.
View updates, collaboration, and alerts. In iPad, this feature appears on the top navigation bar.
Add new documents, media, folders, or repositories directly in the app.

Top Navigation

Understand the usage of the icons on the top right corner of your screen.

Table 3.
Icon Definition
View active downloads, uploads, and download and upload history.
See currently open documents. This feature is available only on iPad.
Perform a global search of all content. The previous search history is autopopulated when the text is entered in the search box.