With Workspace ONE Content, you can add Office files to the repositories, edit, share, and manage your files in a secure manner. You can determine the default import location for your content, easily capture and upload videos and images, annotate PDFs and perform many more actions on your files.

Content Types

Use Workspace ONE Content to securely add and maintain content. The + icon is used to add the content. You can create content using the + icon from the For You and All Files screens or from a repository.

When creating content from the For You and All Files screens, you can select a location to save your content. When creating content from a repository, your content is saved directly to that repository.

The content types that you can create using the Workspace ONE Content are many.

Content Type Definition
Document Add Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Text files. Edit the files and then name and save the document appropriately.
Folder Add a folder and select a repository to save the folder.
Repository Enter a repository link and select Continue to complete the process.
Camera Add and save images and videos as files by providing the filename in a selected location.
Photo Library Upload images, videos, or both from the camera or album, depending on how many files your admins allow you to upload.
Audio Record and save an audio file to a repository.
Note: You can record up to 60 minutes of continuous audio. After 60 minutes, the Content app automatically stops the recording.
  • If your admin has enabled the setting that allows actions on files, you can rename, move, and delete files on your SharePoint 0365 and OneDrive for Business repositories. The file can be moved only within a repository and not to a different repository.

Access Multiple Repositories

All the repositories to which you have authenticated and gained access appear under Settings > Account.

You can view the repository details, such as the repository link and username. In addition, for admin repositories, you can also view the number of files and folders stored in the repository. If you log out of any repository, you can re-login using your username and password.

Search for your Contents

Look for files and folders and access them by sorting and applying filters. Except for the Settings and Activity pages, you can access Search options from anywhere in the app. You can search for files and folders in two ways:
You can search the list of user repositories and add the repositories under the My Content section of the All Files tab. To do so, you must:
  1. Navigate to All Files tab.
  2. Tap Add New Repository.
  3. Tap Search repository.
  4. Search repository.
  5. Assign name and add the repositories to the My Content section.

You can search from the list of templates available as part of user repositories. You can also apply a filter by repository type while searching the user repository.

Use Export Function with Microsoft Office 365 Apps

Use Export functionality to create new files with MS Office 365 apps and save them directly to the Workspace ONE Content repositories. You can create MS Office 365 files like Word, PowerPoint, or Excel. You must have the write permission to save files to third-party repositories. Local Storage is writable by default.

  1. Navigate to the MS Office app. For example, Word.
  2. Create a new file and select Save.
  3. From save options, select More, and then select Locations.
  4. Select Content from the listed options and then select the repository where you want to save the file.

Use Camera for Image Capture

Use the image capture functionality within Workspace ONE Content to easily capture and save a single image or a batch of images in a few simple steps.
  1. Tap the icon on the Repositories screen. The Add screen appears.
  2. To launch the camera, tap the icon.
  3. Capture the image and then tap SAVE.
  4. On the Save file screen, enter the filename, choose a location to save the captured image files, and if required add a description for the image. To save the file, you can either choose a previously saved location from Save location or set a new location by using the Choose a different location option.
    • If you capture multiple images, then you can save the images as a batch by providing the Batch name.
    • If you want to create a new folder to save your images, then enable the Create new folder with images option using the toggle button.
    • If you want to save the image or images to a repository, log in to the repository before capturing the image. The repository is displayed in the list of locations available to save the image.
  5. Confirm and save the image.

Take photos with filters

When taking live pictures, you can set in-app filters such as Grayscale or Black and White option with Flash to add special effects to your photos. Your camera is set to use the flash automatically when required. You can also turn the flash on or off before snapping a picture.

Note: If configured by your admin, you can only upload photos to Workspace ONE Content from the device's camera.

Create a Default Import Location for Content

Determine where to automatically import and store the content when you open it on the device.
  1. Navigate to Settings > Import file to.
  2. Select Local Storage as the default path. You can select Prompt me each time to make a choice each time you open a file.

Open in and Upload Functionality

Use Open In functionality to open email attachments or files from Workspace ONE Content or use Upload functionality to upload files directly from Workspace ONE Content. If the authentication is of type Passcode or Username and Password, then the following actions might be partially restricted.

If your administrator allowlists the following actions, then you can perform these actions from the mentioned apps.
  • Open Workspace ONE Content files from MS Office app – For example, in Word app, select Open > More > Location > Content, the Workspace ONE Content app opens. From Workspace ONE Content, select the required file to edit in Word app and then save it as a draft or a new version.
  • Email attachment with VMware Workspace ONE Boxer – Tap the attachment and select Open in > Import with Content or Copy to Content to open it in Workspace ONE Content. Then, save the document appropriately.
  • File in the Browser – Tap the file and choose Open In... > Copy to Content and the document opens in Workspace ONE Content. Then, save the document appropriately.
  • Upload to Other Apps – Use the Upload functionality to upload the files directly to other apps using document extensions. You cannot upload the files when the authentication is enabled.

If you open into an app that your administrator has not allowlisted, then you will see an error stating that this action is not allowed.