Printers List View page of the UEM console enables you to monitor and manage the enrolled Datamax-O’Neil printers. You can view the list of printers by navigating to Devices > Printers > List View. Select the Friendly Name of any of the listed printers to access the Details View.

Select More from the Details View page to perform different administrative actions.

Action Description
Query All Retrieves all updated device details of a printer and displays it on the UEM console.
Soft Reset Restarts the printer.
Change Organization Group Changes the currently-assigned organization group of the printer.
Delete printer Using Datamax’s NETira-CA software as the intermediary, a delete command is sent to the print server which in turn removes the printer from its database and conveys the status to the UEM console.

Configuring Sample Schedule

You can configure sample schedule in the UEM console to permit the printers to perform automated check-ins to Workspace ONE UEM at scheduled intervals. The automated check-ins help Workspace ONE UEM to manage printers effectively by getting the printer status at regular intervals. Sample Schedule is configured at Organization Group level. Increasing the check-in frequency can impact performance. You can test different schedules to understand the check-in frequency that suitable for your environment. This helps you to configure sample schedule without impacting performance.

To configure sample schedule:

  1. Log in to the UEM console and navigate to Settings > Devices & Users > Printers/Peripherals > Sample Schedule.
  2. In the Device Details Sample, select the value text box and enter a desired numerical value. You can also select to increase or decrease the entered value.
  3. Select the type drop-down menu and then select minutes, hours, or days. The option you select applies to the numerical value entered in the value text box. Sample schedule runs at the interval you set.
  4. Select the Child Permission option as per your requirement and select Save.