Workspace ONE UEM enables you to deploy files over-the-air to Datamax-O’Neil printers.

To upload a Datamax-O'Neil printer file:

  1. Download and install the D-O Package Builder from the Datamax-O’Neil website. This helps in creating packages that can be pushed through Workspace ONE UEM to certain assigned printers. The D-O Package Builder creates a .zip file of the files selected for the printer file. Rename the .zip file extension to .dat, as the AirWatch Printer File uploader does not recognize .zip files.
  2. In the UEM console, navigate to Devices > Printers > Printer Settings > Printer Files. Select Add New File.
  3. Select Datamax-O’Neil.
  4. Fill all the fields on the Add New File page.
  5. Enter a name in the Name field. This name is not necessarily the name of the file being uploaded, but rather the name of the printer file profile that can be assigned selectively.
  6. Provide a meaningful Description for the printer file profile.

  7. Under Assignment Type, select either Auto or Optional.

  8. Select the desired Assigned Smart Groups.

  9. Select File and then select Configure.

  10. Select Upload to choose the file package you want to include in the printer file profile.
  11. Enter the File Version that needs to be displayed in the UEM console.
  12. Select Save to save the file or select Save and Publish to deploy the file. Screen shows a list of the printers installed in the selected Smart Groups that receives the new files with a status of Added.
  13. Select Publish to finalize the changes. If necessary, republish the required profile.
  14. The screen now returns to the list of the printer files. If a file is labeled Optional to install and you want to install it, select the icon next to the desired file.
  15. Click the arrow down circle option to install the files. The LCD screen on the printer shows the progress or status of the installation and the file status in the UEM console is labeled as Installed upon completion.