In partnership with Dell Configuration Services, Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch supports provisioning your Windows 10 devices with apps and configurations before they leave the factory. You do so by creating provisioning packages using Factory Provisioning or dynamically apply assigned applications to devices with the technical preview, Workspace ONE Provisioning.

Factory Provisioning

Dell Provisioning for VMware Workspace ONE using Factory Provisioning requires on-premises customers to install the Factory Provisioning service onto an application server.

This Dell Provisioning for VMware Workspace ONE service exports applications from the Workspace ONE UEM console and converts them into .PPKG files. You create this provisioning package in the Workspace ONE UEM console using a wizard. The wizard covers configuring the package, adding apps, and exporting the package.

To use Factory Provisioning, you must participate in Dell Configuration Services. For more information, see

You can also create encrypted PPKGs to provision devices yourself. This process does not use Dell Provisioning for VMware Workspace ONE. You can provisioning devices either using the device OOBE or by running the PPKG on a device. For more information on provisioning devices yourself, see Create a Provisioning Package for Windows 10 Devices.

Technical Preview: Workspace ONE Provisioning


Workspace ONE UEM offers Workspace ONE Provisioning as a technical preview for our SaaS customers. Technical preview features are not fully tested and some functionality may not work as expected. However, these previews help Workspace ONE UEM improve current functionality and develop future enhancements. To use a technical preview feature, contact your VMware Workspace ONE representative and ask to have the “WindowsWorkspaceONEProvisioningFeatureFlag” enabled.

Workspace ONE Provisioning is an alternate method to provision devices before they ship to your workplace. This method provides a more flexible and powerful way to provision your devices. With Workspace ONE Provisioning, you do not need to create and export provisioning packages or share XML files with Dell. To use Workspace ONE Provisioning, you must configure autodiscovery for your OG and enable Workspace ONE Provisioning. For more information, see #GUID-DC0FE0C9-72E3-4426-983A-2E7904AD2891.