You can add directory service user groups into Workspace ONE UEM one at a time or use a batch import process. Adding directory user groups one at a time is ideal for when you have a limited number of groups to add. It is preferable to batch import directory user groups when you have multiple groups to add.

Using the batch import method means uploading a list of your existing directory service groups in a .csv (comma-separated values) template file. This method does not immediately create user accounts for each of your directory service accounts. However, it ensures Workspace ONE UEM recognizes them as belonging to a configured group. You can then use this recognition as a means of restricting who can enroll.

User groups in Workspace ONE UEM can be synced – automatically when configured with a scheduler – with your directory service groups to merge changes or add missing users.

  • Pros – You have the option of restricting an enrollment to only known groups, which lets you restrict on a user group level who can enroll. This method also keeps your existing directory service group infrastructure and allows you to assign profiles, policies, content, and apps based on these existing group setups.
  • Cons – Uploading directory service user groups does not automatically create Workspace ONE UEM user accounts. If you have restricted enrollment for known users, you must add those user accounts into the UEM console manually.