You can control how Workspace ONE UEM reacts when user accounts are removed or disabled in your directory service by using auto sync in the User tab of Directory Services. Auto sync monitors user statuses in Directory Services and when a user is removed from Directory Services, they are also removed from the associated AirWatch user group and unenrolled from the UEM console.

If you want to deactivate a user in AirWatch manually, regardless of what happens to their status in Directory Services, you can delete their UEM console user account. Do this by navigating to Accounts > Users > List View then locate the account you want to delete, select the account by clicking the check box to the left of its entry, select the More Actions button, select Delete, and then select Save at the Bulk Action Message screen, which serves as a delete confirmation.

To enable automatic deactivation of Workspace ONE UEM accounts based on the user's Directory Service status, proceed to Set Disabled Users to Inactive Automatically.

Conversely, users that have been deactivated and then reactivated in your directory service are reactivated in the UEM console automatically.

Automatically Reactivating Workspace ONE EUM Users Upon Reactivation in Directory Service

When users deactivated in your directory service are later reactivated, Workspace ONE automatically reactivates their UEM console account. This feature is always on and requires no console setting. Also, the event log captures this event which can be referred to for troubleshooting purposes.