Other Integrations with Directory Services

You can integrate third-party products and other VMware products with Directory Services to maximize the effectiveness of your device fleet.

For instance, you can use device compliance data as part of a conditional access policy in Microsoft Azure. You can use the same data to secure devices using Google’s BeyondCorp context aware access. You can also integrate VMware Workspace ONE Access to streamline device authentication and VMware Workspace ONE Broker to centralize user management across multiple VMware products.

Use Compliance Data in Azure AD Conditional Access Policies - Workspace ONE UEM integration with Microsoft allows customers to use UEM device data such as device compliance status in the Azure AD conditional access policies. The integration gives you the ability to set different conditional access policies for individual Office 365 applications. This feature supports iOS, Android, Windows OOBE enrolled devices, and macOS platforms. You can find Azure AD Conditional Access status indicators in the Device Details view including device registration status, conditional access status (if enabled), and Azure device Id.

Use Compliance Data in Google BeyondCorp Context Aware Access - You can integrate Workspace ONE UEM with Google BeyondCorp to enable context aware access to individual Google supported apps such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, and so on. Android and iOS devices support this feature. You can find Google BeyondCorp Context-Aware Access status indicators in the Device Details view including device registration status, context-aware access status (if enabled), and Google device Id.

Workspace ONE Access with Directory Services - Workspace ONE Access, formerly known as VMware Identity Manager, together with Workspace ONE UEM enables you to consolidate a list of your suggested Web apps and native mobile apps in unified application catalogs. This functionality does not allow for UEM to receive directory changes from Workspace ONE Access.

VMware Identity Services with Directory Services - If you use VMware products Workspace ONE UEM, Workspace ONE Access, and VMware Horizon, and find yourself having to manage the same set of users in each product, you can integrate VMware Identity Services with your directory services. VMware Identity Services lets you implement Federated identity for user accounts and authentication, provide support for service accounts and customer applications, and utilize common tenancy models and authorization patterns across these VMware products.

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