To add a printer server in Workspace ONE UEM, perform the following steps:

  1. Login to the UEM console.
  2. Ensure that the correct Organization Group is displayed at the top of the page.
  3. Navigate to Devices > Peripherals > Settings > Server, and then select Add Server.
  4. On the Add Server page, complete the following fields:

    Fields Description
    Friendly Name Choose a meaningful name to identify the Epson print server.
    HMAC Token The UEM console randomly generates this token. This token enables all subsequent requests from the Epson print server to be HMAC signed. Select the entire 32-character string and copy it to the clipboard (Ctrl+C).
    User ID This field contains the user ID or username associated with a print server on the console. Printers subsequently enrolled to the print server have this username associated with them.
    Service UID Enter the Service UID or select Generate UID. The service UID is expected to be between 16 to 36 character long alphanumeric value. Once you enter the Service UID in the UEM console, copy the same to the relevant field in the Epson configuration page.
  5. Select Save. The status displays pending registration.

Registering the Print Server

To register the printer, perform the following steps:

  1. Update the EpsonAWPrinterServerConfig.xml with your print server details and save the file.
  2. Open Terminal and change to the directory containing Epson print server files.
  3. Run the mono EpsonAWPrintServer.exe –r command to start the print server. Your print server is registered and the terminal output displays following information about the printer server:

    EPSON Airwatch Print Server Version: X.X.X.XXXXX ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Parameters: Server UID=a1234b5c-1ab2-1234-a123-12a3b1234a12 GroupID=1234 Vendor=Epson HMAC=12a1ab1a-1a23-123a-ab12-1234ab1234a1b RegisterURL= UseHTTPS(from Airwatch)=True HTTPPrefixToPrinter-https:// Periodic Check-ins=False CheckInPeriod=0.5 SendAlertsToAirWatch=True SendCheckInOnStatusUpdate=True SSLPort=xxxx SSLCertificateFileName=xxxxx.xx ----------------------------------------------------------------------- System Info: Thread pool size: xx No. of Worker threads: x No. of async. I/O threads: x ----------------------------------------------------------------------- UNIX Signal listner started. Registering Printer Server with Airwatch... Send registration to Airwatch... Registration OK. Recieved URLS: EnrollmentURL= CommandURL= AlertURL= ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Webserver: SSL certificate is valid. Issued for XXXX by XXXX, expires of xx-xx-xxxx Webserver: Listening on port xxxx