Perform the following to upload an Epson printer file:

  1. Navigate to Devices > Peripherals > Settings > Files in the UEM console and then select Add New File.
  2. Select Epson.
  3. On the Add New File page, fill all the required fields.
  4. Enter a name in the Name field. This name is not necessarily the name of the file being uploaded, but rather name of the printer file profile that can be assigned selectively.
  5. Fill in a meaningful description of the printer file profile.
  6. Under Assignment Type, select Auto or Optional.
  7. Select any desired assigned smart groups. Smart groups should be created beforehand.
  8. Select File in the left column, and then select Configure.
  9. Select Upload to choose the file package that you want to include in the printer file profile.
  10. Enter the File Version that you want to display in the UEM console.
  11. Select Save to save the file, or Save and Publish to deploy the file. The page shows a list of the printers installed in the selected Smart Groups that receives the new files with status as Added.
  12. Select Publish to finalize the changes. If necessary, republish any required profile.

  13. If a printer file that you want to install is labeled as Optional, then select the icon.
  14. Select the arrow down circle button to install the files.

  15. To verify the upload, go to the printer server terminal or the print server log files. The print server terminal displays the following output:

    Printer EpsonXX: AW Sent Installfile command. Filename: 'SampleFile1.txt'PrintServerFile SampleFile1.txt: Receiving file from Workspace ONE UEM...PrintServerFile SampleFile1.txt: Receiving file from Workspace ONE UEM successfully complete. Bytes downloaded: xxxxPrintServerFile SampleFile1.txt: Loading file from disk...PrintServerFile SampleFile1.txt: Loading image to printerPrintServerFile SampleFile1.txt: Sending to printerPrintServerFile SampleFile1.txt: AW responded with 'OK'PrintServerFile SampleFile1.txt: File 'SampleFile.txt' successfully loaded to printerPrintServerFile SampleFile1.txt: Checking in...PrintServerFile SampleFile1.txt: AW responded with 'OK'PrintServerFile SampleFile1.txt: Checking in done. AW Response: Response Status: OK