Credential Escrow Gateway is supported for single account for Boxer 5.19 on iOS and Android. For multiple managed account, Boxer 5.21 on iOS and Android is supported by Credential Escrow Gateway. Learn more about how to enable Credential Escrow Gateway for Boxer with VMware Workspace ONE UEM.

Utilizing Boxer with Credential Escrow Gateway

Ensure that Credential Escrow Gateway is configured at the console level for the account so Boxer can get the certificates from Credential Escrow Gateway. To utilize Credential Escrow Gateway with Boxer 5.19, enable the Escrow Gateway switch by following the path below within your UEM console for iOS or Android.

  1. Access your Boxer assignment within the UEM Console

  2. Navigate to Email Settings >> Configure S/MIME >> Escrow Gateway switch

  3. Turn on the Escrow Gateway switch