Working with Freestyle Orchestrator on Multiple Organization Groups

An admin can create a workflow and assign the workflow to multiple organization groups (OGs). This topic provides more information about working with Freestyle Orchestrator on multiple OGs.

Freestyle Orchestrator List View

Freestyle Orchestrator list view displays workflows created at the current organization group (OG), parent OG, and child OG. However, you must have permission to edit the workflows created at the current OG, parent OG, and the child OG. Freestyle Orchestrator list view displays the following information.

Table 7-1. Freestyle Orchestrator List View Options

Option Description
Workflow name Name of the workflow.
Description Enter a description of the workflow.
Resources Displays the number of resources referred to in a workflow.
Smart groups Displays the smart groups assigned to a workflow.
Managed by Displays the name of the organization group assigned to the workflow.
Platform Displays the name of the platform to which the workflow is assigned.
Status Displays the status of the workflow. The status can be saved or published.
Created Displays the workflow creation date.

Access to Resources within Workflows

When you create workflows, you can use the resources from the organization group where the workflow is created and from the parent OG. You cannot use the resources from the child OGs to avoid incorrect assignment of child OG resources to devices from peer child OGs. The child OG admins have permission to use resources managed at the parent OGs within their workflows.

View Workflow Details

You can view details of all workflows from the Freestyle Orchestrator list view. You can view the list of devices assigned to the workflows that are managed at your OG and its child OGs. You cannot view the list of assigned devices and the statuses for workflows created at the parent OG.

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