The VMware Workspace ONE® Intelligent Hub app offers a single destination where users can securely access, discover, connect with, and act on your corporate resources, teams, and workflow. The Intelligent Hub app is installed on iOS and Android devices to enroll mobile devices and manage their access to their resources.

See Working with Hub Services and Intelligent Hub App for detailed information.

The Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app is an updated and enhanced version of the AirWatch Agent app. When users upgrade their AirWatch Agent app after the Intelligent Hub app is released, the Agent app is automatically upgraded to the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app and a new app icon displays on their devices. The Mobile Device Management (MDM) configuration settings are not changed.

The Intelligent Hub app facilitates MDM enrollment in the traditional MDM uses cases for Workspace ONE UEM deployments. You configure the MDM settings from the Workspace ONE UEM console Device & Users > <Devicetype> Intelligent Hub Settings page.

For cloud-hosted deployments of Workspace ONE, the Intelligent Hub app offers Hub Services that can be enable to add a full digital workspace experience for users. These services include consumer store inspired enterprise app catalog, People directory, actionable notifications to inform employees, and a custom tab to browser resources. You enable these Hub Services from the UEM console, Hub Configuration pages.

By default, the Intelligent Hub app runs in device management mode. When users initially launch the Intelligent Hub app, they enter their corporate credentials to self-activate their devices.

Without configuring VMware Identity Manager with UEM, the Hub catalog with access to UEM apps and a custom tab are available in the Intelligent Hub app. When VMware Identity Manager is integrated, the People and Notification services can be enabled in the Intelligent Hub app.

Hub Services are co-located with VMware Identity Manager and are dependent on VMware Identity Manager for shared services. The following diagram is a high-level view of how Workspace ONE UEM, Hub Services, and VMware Identity Manager work in relation to the Intelligent Hub app.

Figure 1. Intelligent Hub and Hub Services