Once you have selected and set up your device enrollment method, you can begin enrolling devices.

  1. Push the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub to devices using Enrollment.

    For more information, see Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Enrollment in this guide.

  2. Enroll devices into Workspace ONE UEM using Apple Configurator end user device enrollment.

    For more information, see Apple Configurator End User Device Enrollment.

  3. Verify Configurator 2 device enrollment into Workspace ONE UEM.

    For more information, see Verify Configurator 2 Device Enrollment into Workspace ONE UEM.

  4. Remove supervision from a Configurator 2 device.For more information, see Remove Supervision from a Configurator 2 Device.
  5. Upload a signed profile to the Workspace ONE UEM console.

Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Enrollment

After you configure devices for enrollment either with an MDM profile or URL, any profiles, apps, or other settings you configured in the UEM console need to be pushed using the UEM console so they are assigned to the staging user.

At a minimum, push the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub as a public, managed application from the UEM console, so that end users can enroll their devices when ready.

Apple Configurator End User Device Enrollment

After installing the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub, end users can enroll into Workspace ONE UEM depending on the staging method you selected earlier.

Following are the possibilities for end users to enroll into Workspace ONE UEM:

  • If you preregistered the device, then it should be automatically assigned to the user it is associated with in the UEM console.
  • If you selected None as the staging mode, the device is already enrolled to the Default Enrollment User you selected.
  • If you did not preregister devices and opted for Single User Staging, then users are prompted to enter their credentials when they enroll using the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub.

  • If you selected Multi User Staging, then the device will launch into Shared Device mode, where end users can enter their credentials to check the device out.

Verify Configurator 2 Device Enrollment into Workspace ONE UEM

Once the devices are either prepared or supervised using Apple Configurator 2, you can view all enrolled devices in the UEM console.

Once the devices populate, administrators can manage and deploy updates and apps to all the devices using Workspace ONE UEM.

Remove Supervision from a Configurator 2 Device

According to Apple's Configurator 2 documentation, you can remove the Supervised status of a device, but doing so erases all content and settings, including apps and media.

If you want to preserve the data on the device, you should make a backup of it first. Note that a backup of a supervised device can be restored only to another supervised device.

To remove supervision from a device, open Configurator 2, select the device, and then select Actions >  Advanced >  Erase all content and settings. Apple Configurator showing erase all content and settings optionErase Device warning message

To remove the supervision and reset the device to the default factory settings, click Erase.