Configure devices so that users can enroll directly in to an organization group instead of adding an MDM profile to the device.

  1. Navigate to Blueprints > Edit Blueprints > New to prepare a blueprint to apply to the profile.
  2. Select the blueprint and select Prepare.
  3. Name the blueprint Enroll.
  4. Choose Manual as the enrollment type. Select Next.
  5. Choose New Server from the drop-down menu. Select Next.
  6. Enter the Name of the new server
  7. Paste the enrollment URL that was generated in the UEM console into the text box.
  8. Add the anchor certificates as required.
  9. Select supervision to the management capabilities.
  10. Select whether to Allow devices to connect to other computers. Select Next.
  11. Choose the Organization to assign devices. Select Next.
  12. Configure the iOS Setup Assistant steps by selecting which screens are available to the end user.
  13. Select Prepare.
  14. Select Add > Profiles in the Apple Configurator 2 window.
  15. Choose the Wi-Fi profile that you created earlier and add it to the blueprint.

Next, add an Enroll blueprint using Add an Enroll Blueprint to Enroll with an MDM Profile .