Classes are uploaded in bulk using Apple School Manager and synced with the Workspace ONE UEM console. For Workspace ONE UEM MDM purposes, classes are made up of device carts (Shared iPads only), members, and applications.

Devices in the Classroom

Configure classrooms in two ways, either using Shared iPads or one-to-one devices. Shared iPad distribution requires management through device carts.

Shared Devices One-to-One Devices
Image depicts configuring class rooms with shared iPads. User S1 shares the device D1 with other users S2 and S3. Image depicts configuring classrooms with one-to-one device workflow. One user S1 is using a device D1 and so on.

Device Carts for Shared iPads

Device carts are created in the UEM console for Shared iPads only. Devices carts function as smart groups of serial numbers to manage Shared iPads and are assigned to classes. Multiple carts may be created and assigned to multiple classes.

This illustration shows how device carts are used to manage shared iPads and assigned to classes.

Apple School Manager Classroom Overview

Before configuring classes in the UEM console, understand how devices are used in classrooms.

Shared iPads

Shared iPads live on devices carts and are shared with many classes and many students.


  1. Device carts as explained in Create Device Carts for Shared iPads section.
  2. Applications as described in Manually Manage Carts and Applications in Classes or use a Pre-assign option as explained in Pre-Assign Applications for Shared iPads (Optional) section.

Optional: Map image URLs that display student photos when using the Apple Classroom application.

This image shows how Science, Math and History classes are shared among many students.

One-to-One Devices

Distribute one-to-one devices to both students and teachers for use in their classes.


  1. Enrollment users as described in Map Members to Enrollment Users in Bulk section by mapping them to members and optionally map members to image URLs
  2. Applications as described in Manage Applications for One-to-One Devices section.
This image shows how the devices are distributed one-to-one among the students and teachers in Science, Math and History classes.

Members in Classes

Members contain information about enrollment users including:

  • Managed Apple IDs
  • Image URLs that display student photos when using the Apple Classroom application.
This image shows that the members contain information abou the enrolled users.

Applications for Apple School Manager Devices

Applications are purchased through the Apple Volume Purchase Program and assigned to devices. Assign and install all applications before allowing users to log in to devices. If new applications are added while a user is logged in, the user is automatically logged out new applications are installed.

For more information on integrating applications with education functionality, see: Deploying Content by Device Serial Number Using Managed Distribution and Deploying Public VPP Content Using Managed Distribution in the VMware Workspace ONE UEM Mobile Application Management Guide.

Pre-assignment for Shared iPads (Optional)

Pre-assign VPP apps to classes using Apple Configurator 2.


  • Apps using the class wizard and save the settings.
  • MDM management for apps in the UEM console and then assign them to devices Apple Configurator 2.
  • The Apple VPP portal with selected apps.

Workspace ONE UEM assumes management of applications upon enrollment of the device.

This image shows how to pre-assign VPP apps to classes using Apple configurator 2.

Manually Assign Apps on Shared iPads

Push VPP apps to groups of devices. Apps are shown or hidden based on the login credentials.


  • Apps using the class wizard and save the settings.

If a device cart is added or removed from a class, the apps in the cart are also added or removed from the class and must be reassigned if needed.

Note: When applications are removed from the class, the application is removed from any device associated with it and the license is automatically revoked for Shared iPads.

Apps on One-to-One Devices

Push apps to each device.


  • Apps through the Apps & Books tab in the UEM console.
This image shows the Apps present in One-to-one devices and push the Apps to each device.

Managed Apple IDs to Manage Books and Applications on Shared Devices

Managed Apple IDs are accounts that are tied to the same organization as the VPP Program Facilitator users who manage VPP licenses.

In such case, the MDM server chooses to instruct the VPP service to associate Managed Apple IDs with the given VPP users. When Managed Apple IDs are associated with the VPP users, the MDM server no longer sends out invitations (email or push) to users and wait for them to accept the device prompts.

Students with Managed Apple IDs created in Apple School Manager do not need to accept any prompts to install applications and books on devices. Workspace ONE silently accepts these prompts on the Managed Apple ID's behalf with no admin interaction.

For more information, refer the Managed Distribution by Apple IDs section in the Integration with Apple Business Manager guide.