Once device carts are assigned to classes, they cannot be removed from the Cart List until the cart assignment and any external assignments, such as profiles, are removed from the class. Navigate to each class and delete the cart using the class wizard, then delete the cart from the list view.


  1. Navigate to Hub > Education > Class List.
  2. Select the class link to edit the cart assignment. Select Next.
  3. Find the device cart and select the X button next to the name of the cart on the drop-down menu.
  4. Follow the prompts to delete the device cart.
  5. Select Next to move through the screens in the wizard.
  6. Select Save to update the class assignment.
  7. Navigate to the Cart List tab and select it.
  8. Select the X button to remove the cart.

What to do next

Once the cart is deleted, the apps may be reassigned to new carts.