Map users to their Managed Apple IDs using a CSV file to import and map users in bulk. Also, add image URLs and keypad configurations for use with the Apple Classroom app.


  1. Navigate to Hub > Education > Members.
  2. Select Assign Enrollment Users. A Batch Import window appears.
  3. Select the Download format link to download the template CSV file.
  4. Complete the template by entering the required information for each user.
    • Apple ID
    • User Name - Workspace ONE UEM enrollment user name
    • (Optional) Image URL - URL for user image on the device log-in screen. The preferred image size is 512 x 512 pixels.
    • (Optional) Keyboard Layout - Enter four, six, or complex to nominate a keyboard layout for passcode entry. Match the keyboard layout with the passcode complexity you have selected.
  5. Save the CSV file locally and return to the Workspace ONE UEM console window.
  6. Name the CSV file, complete the Description, and upload the CSV template using the Choose File button.
  7. Select Save.


The enrollment user information populates the Members page and enrollment groups are created for one-to-one configurations.

What to do next

To delete enrollment user assignments from the Members list, select one or more users, and then select the Delete User button.