Although not required, Workspace ONE UEM recommends this workflow to assign and install VPP applications using Apple Configurator 2.


  1. Navigate to Hub > Education > Class List.
  2. Select the class name or pencil icon to edit the class.
    An Edit Class window appears and list of students and teachers displays.
  3. Review the members and select Next.
  4. Add Device Carts to the class by typing name of the cart you already created in the text box or select the Create New Carts shortcut to add a cart without leaving the class wizard. Select Next.
    For more information, see Create Device Carts for Shared iPads.
  5. Select Add App to add applications purchased through the Apple's Volume Purchase Program.
    A list of common applications that can be applied to all carts within the class appears in the window.
  6. Choose applications and select Next.
    Important: You must have sufficient application licenses for each of the applications that are applied to the class. For more information on licenses and applications see the VMware Workspace ONE UEM Mobile Application Management guide.
  7. Review the Summary page and select Save to save the class settings.
    Devices receive the education configuration profile upon enrollment.
  8. Navigate to Apps & Books > Applications > Native > Purchased.
  9. Select an application to assign to the class configuration profile that you just saved.
  10. Scroll to Deployment.
  11. Select Make App MDM Managed if User Installed.
  12. Select Save.
  13. Navigate to Apple Configurator 2 on your desktop.
  14. Enter the credentials for the VPP account where the required apps were purchased.
  15. Select all the required applications from the list.
  16. Select Add Apps. The applications are pushed to the device upon enrollment.