Use the shared device log to view a history of users that logged in to the device.

  1. Navigate to Devices > List View > Select Device.

    The Details View appears.

  2. Select More > Current Userto view the current user of a shared device and history of all users who have used the device.

Create a Restrictions Profile for Education Devices

Devices configured with Apple School Manager or AirWatch School Manager can support additional restrictions related to the use of iOS devices in a classroom setting. These restrictions only appear on the Restrictions Profile Configuration page if you have Education enabled at the Organization Group you want to configure.
  1. Navigate to Devices > Profiles & Resources > Profiles > Add. Select Apple iOS.
  2. Configure the profile's General settings.
  3. Select the Restrictions payload from the list.You can select multiple restrictions as part of a single restrictions payload.
  4. Configure Classroom 2.0 Education Restrictions settings.Restriction profile Education settings
    Restriction Description Version
    Force unprompted screen observation for managed classes Enable this setting to allow instructors to view student devices remotely in an managed classroom. iOS 10.3+ Supervised
    Allow unprompted app and device lock in unmanaged classes Enable this setting to allow instructors to restrict access to apps and devices in an unmanaged classroom. iOS 11+ Supervised
    Allow automatic joining of unmanaged classes Enable this setting to allow student devices to join an unmanaged class group automatically. iOS 11+ Supervised
    Force Students to request to leave unmanaged classes Enable this setting to allow students who are part of unmanaged classes in the classroom app to request permission from teacher to leave the class. iOS 11.3+ Supervised
  5. Select Save & Publish.

Perform Remote Actions on All Devices

You can perform various remote actions on devices that are enrolled to Apple Business Manager using DEP.
  1. Navigate to Devices > List View > Select Device.The Details View appears.
  2. Select More Actions and choose from the following education-specific actions.
    Option Description
    Device Configured (Admin) Send this command if a device is stuck in an Awaiting Configuration state.
    iOS updates (Admin) Select individual devices or devices in bulk to update devices.
    Enable/Disable Lost Mode Lock a device and send a message, phone number, or text to the lock screen. Lost Mode is deactivated by administrators only. When Lost Mode is deactivated, the device returns to normal functionality. Users are sent a message that tells them that the location of the device was shared.
    Request Device Location Query a device in Lost Mode, and then access the Location tab to find the device. (iOS 9.3 + Supervised)

Deactivate Education

When you deactivate education functionality in the UEM console, education functionality options disappear in the Hub.

All information in the Class List and Members view is deleted. All mapping to classes and members is deleted. All Device Enrollment Program (DEP) profiles for Shared iPads are deleted. All application licenses assigned through a class are revoked. Smart groups of enrollment users are deleted unless the group is mapped to applications, profiles, or compliance policies. However, smart groups of device carts are still accessible.

To deactivate education functionality, navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Devices & Users > Apple > Education > Disable.UI displaying Education option disabled

Wiping Apple School Manager Devices

You should not perform a device wipe through Workspace ONE UEM on an enrolled device. Instead, perform an enterprise wipe, so the user is forced to re-enroll when it is reactivated. To discourage a device wipe, Workspace ONE UEM displays an additional warning in the UEM console when performing the command.

If a device wipe is performed, the device must be factory reset using iTunes or Apple Configurator 2.

Manually Log Out a User

Workspace ONE allows the administrators to forcefully log out a user from Shared iPads.

Shared iPad users, when they are idle, they do not appear to be automatically logged out. Workspace ONE enables the admins to manually log out a user. Once the administrator log outs a user, it returns to the main lock screen. The next user can log in and use the Shared iPad later.

To log out a user from shared device, perform the following steps:
  1. In the Workspace ONE UEM, navigate to Devices > Details View > More Actions.
  2. Select Admin.
  3. Select Log Out User.You have successfully logged out the user from a Shared iPad and returned to the main screen.