Use the Device Details page of the Workspace ONE UEM console to access user and device actions for your enrolled Linux devices.

Device Details

You can access Device Details by selecting a device's Friendly Name from the Device List View, using one of the Dashboards, or with any of the search tools.

From the Device Details page, you can access device information broken into different menu tabs. Each menu tab contains related device information, which may vary depending on your Workspace ONE UEM deployment.

  • Summary - View general statistics such as enrollment status, compliance, last seen, GPS availability, platform/model/OS, organization group, serial number, power status, storage capacity, physical memory, and virtual memory.
  • User - Access details about the user of a device and the status of the other devices enrolled to this user.
  • Notes - View and add notes regarding the device. For example, note the shipping status or if the device is in repair and out of commission.
  • Troubleshooting - View Event Log and Commands logging information.
  • Status History - View history of device in relation to enrollment status.

Remote Actions

The More Actions drop-down on the Device Details page lets you perform remote actions over the air to the selected device. The actions available vary depending on factors such as the device platform, Workspace ONE UEM console settings, and enrollment status.

  • Assign Tags – Assign a customizable tag to a device, which can be used to identify a special device in your fleet.
  • Change Organization Group – Change the device's home organization group to another pre-existing OG. Includes an option to select a static or dynamic OG.
  • Edit Device – Edit device information such as Friendly Name, Asset Number, Device Ownership and Device Category.
  • Enterprise Wipe – Enterprise Wipe a device to unenroll and remove all managed enterprise resources including applications and profiles. This action cannot be undone and re-enrollment will be required for Workspace ONE UEM to manage this device again. Includes options to prevent future re-enrollment and a Note Description field for you to add any noteworthy details about the action.
    • Enterprise Wipe is not supported for cloud domain-joined devices.
  • Delete Device – Delete and unenroll a device from the UEM console. This action performs an Enterprise Wipe and removes the device from the UEM console.