When the entire corporate repository is cached, memory spikes can occur on the Device Services server due to the low internal memory. Each time, the cache must be disabled to overcome the load on the Device Services server.

Note: The database script that is used to disable cache is no longer applicable from Workspace ONE UEM 1904 version. The cache can be disabled by switching the ContentCacheFeatureFlag to false in the API, https://<host>/api/system/featureflag/<FeatureFlagName>/<OG_GUID>/false .
The just-in-time caching strategy eliminates the low memory issue by caching only those folders and content records that are accessed by the user. The unwanted folders and contents are removed from the cache.

The folders are cached individually using a folderId cache key as opposed to caching the entire repository using the RepoId cache key.

In a cache miss, the Device Services server loads only the metadata of the current folders from the database and stores it in the cache. In a cache hit, the Device Services server reads only the root level folder structure from the cache.