From Workspace ONE Content v4.13.2, the device users can enable or disable the PDF Autosave functionality by using the Enable PDF Autosave setting in the Workspace ONE Content app.

The PDF Autosave setting is disabled by default. The PDF Autosave function can be set to 30 seconds, 60 seconds, and 120 seconds respectively using the Autosave time in seconds setting in the Workspace ONE Content. The administrators can use the configuration key provided by Workspace ONE UEM in the Workspace ONE UEM console to force enable the PDF Autosave functionality in Workspace ONE Content. When enabled using the configuration key, the device users cannot disable the PDF Autosave function and the Enable PDF Autosave setting is unavailable in the Workspace ONE Content. When the PDF Autosave function is enabled, the changes made to a PDF file when an autosave is in progress are not saved. After every instance of an autosave, the PDF document is reloaded.

Use the following configuration key to enable PDF Autosave function is Workspace ONE Content:

Configuration Key Value Type Supported Values Decsription
{ "ContentPDFAutoSaveEnabled" } Boolean true = enabled false = can be enabled or disabled by the device user When set to True, the PDF Autosave functionality is enabled and the device users cannot disable the setting. The Enable PDF Autosave setting in the Workspace ONE Content is unavailable to the device users.