Workspace ONE Content 5.0 for iOS is the first version of Content to use the Workspace ONE Swift SDK. Previous versions of Content used the Objective C version of the Workspace ONE SDK. With this architectural change comes few changes that might impact the Content app behavior that end users are accustomed to.

The following list describes the behavioral changes:
  • Workspace ONE SDK does not support the logout function in standalone mode.
    Note: Users must use the Intelligent Hub in registered mode on their devices. Users must not try logging in to the Content app in Standalone mode with devices that are not MDM managed or does not have Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub.
  • Work offline option on the username/password screen is no longer supported. The user can work offline by navigating to App Settings and enabling Work Offline. Network calls can still be made, and offline work is honored by Content specific interactions only.
  • SDK authentication screens are updated to a new user experience.
  • If the SDK fails to fetch the Content settings after launch, the user is presented with a failure message.
  • Experience update for user change without Check-in Check Out (CICO) during the forgot passcode scenario.

For more information about Content app behavioral changes, see