The file types supported by the Workspace ONE Content app on different platforms are listed in the matrix.

The matrix applies to the version of VMware Workspace ONE Content available in the app store.

Note: VMware Workspace ONE has announced the End of General Support (EOGS) for Workspace ONE Content for Windows beginning July 31, 2020 and officially ending on July 31, 2021. For more information about the EOGS, see the knowledge base article End of General Support for the AirWatch Content Locker for Windows.
Supported File Types iOS Android Windows 10 Notes
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AD/Azure RMS

Content app v3.5+

Content app v3.5+

AAC (audio/aac) You cannot edit the audio and the video files. You can only add the files from the Content iOS and Android app.

Among the audio files, you can add only the .m4a files.

ALAC (audio/m4a)
WAV (audio/wav)
MP3 (audio/mpeg)
MOV (video/quicktime)
MP4 (video/mp4)
M4B, M4R,  
CSV (.csv)
ePub (.epub)
iWorks - Keynote (.key) application/
iWorks - Numbers (.numbers) application/
iWorks - Pages (.pages) application/
MS Office - Excel (.xls/.xlsx) application/
MS Office - PowerPoint (.ppt/.pptx) application/
MS Office - Word (.docx) application/msword Editing is not supported for .doc files

MS Office - Password Protected (.docx, .pptx, .xlsx MS Office 2007 or later)

Editing is not supported for .doc files
MS Office - Documents with pivot tables
HTML (.html) text/html HTML viewer does not support JavaScript
PDF (.pdf) application/pdf
Rich Text Format (.rtf) application/rtf
Rich Text Format Directory (.rtfd) application/octet-stream
XML (.xml) application/xml
PNG (.png) image/png You can add the images but cannot edit the files.
JPG (.jpg) image/jpeg
TIF (.tif, .tiff) image/tif
Bitmap (.bmp) image/bmp
GIF (.gif) image/gif
Zip (.zip) application/zip
Password Protected Zip
RAR (.rar) application/rar
Password Protected RAR
GZIP (.gzip) application/zip
BZIP (.bzip) application/zip
BZIP2 (.bzip2) application/zip
TAR (.tar) application/zip