The features supported by Smartfolio in comparison with the features supported by Workspace ONE Content are listed in the matrix. Use the matrix to help determine which application better suits your use case.

Table 1.
Workspace ONE Content Workspace ONE Smart folio
App Platform Support Supports iOS, Android, and Windows 10 Supports only iOS
Repository support Supports all repository types (OneDrive, SharePoint, NFS) Supports only UEM Managed Content repository
File Management Allows creating, viewing, and editing documents Allows only viewing of documents

Supports annotations only on PDF

App Size Install size of approximately 200 MB Lighter app with an install size less than 100 MB
Purpose of the app Enhances the content aggregations and employee productivity workflows Enhances the admin's content publishing experience
User Experience Simple and easy to understand UI with more advanced functionalities.

Allow users to create, view, edit, and perform many more actions on the documents.

Simple and easy to understand UI with basic functionality. Limits users to only view and annotate (PDF only) the documents.