Smartfolio users can now acknowledge the documents that you assign to them as required content. On the Workspace ONE UEM console, you can view these acknowledgments in the Content List View and the Device Details pages.

On selecting View under the Installed Status column of the Content List View page, a pop-up box appears to show the exact number of users who have viewed and acknowledged the content.

The following list describes the supported document acknowledgment features:
  • When the user opens a document, the Acknowledged button appears disabled and is enabled after a default delay of five seconds. The default value can be changed to be in the range of 0-600 seconds by applying the value AcknowledgementTimeInterval as a custom SDK Setting on the UEM console.
  • The user is not prompted to acknowledge a document which has been already acknowledged.
  • User is prompted to acknowledge a new version of the already acknowledged document if you mark the new version as Required.
  • The Device Details page shows the acknowledged status and the date on which the document was acknowledged.
  • Content Details by Device report contains the acknowledged status on a per device basis.