Use custom URLs to provide end users the direct access to the files in the Workspace ONE Content application. Upon scanning, the QR code, which contains the custom URLs allow the end user to search or view the file if the file is downloaded.

You must use either a search query or a specific content ID as the custom URL. The content IDs are automatically generated for every file that you upload to the Workspace ONE UEM console. When you point to the filename, the file path displays the Content IDs.

The custom URLs are:
  • awscl://search/?query=text
  • awscl://search?query=text
  • awscl://search/?query=“text”
  • awscl://search?query=“text”
  • awscl://contentid={content ID}
  • awscl://contentid="{content ID}"
The search query searches for the specified text string and the specific Content ID directly opens the specified document.