To begin integrating Memcached into your Workspace ONE UEM deployment, install Memcached on a CentOS/RHEL 7.x Linux machine.

If you are upgrading an existing Memcached deployment, or installing Memcached for the first time, the steps below will guide your installation. Slight variations between installing and upgrading are noted in context.


These instructions assume that the Linux machine is running the CentOS/RHEL 7.x operating system. You need root access to the server to install Memcached.


  1. Log in to your server.
  2. Type sudo -s to enable root access.
  3. Navigate to cd /tmp/memcached.
  4. In the folder, type ls. 'AirWatchMemcached.bin' is inside.
  5. To install, type sh AirWatchMemcached.bin.
  6. Select Enter, and continue to select enter when prompted to read through the EULA.
    1. If you are upgrading an existing instance of Memcached, an alert will appear informing you that an instance of Memcached already exists. Select Enter to continue.
  7. After selecting Enter several times, you are prompted to accept the terms of the license agreement. Type Y and select Enter.
  8. A Pre-Installation Summary appears. Select Enter to continue.
  9. Select Enter once more to confirm the installation path.
  10. Once the install is complete, a Congratulations message appears. Select Enter to exit.
  11. To confirm that Memcached is running, type service memcached status. A confirmation message appears.
  12. Ensure the following:
    1. Memcached is running as a "memcached" user.
    2. Memcached is running by default on port 11211.
    3. The maximum connection limit is set to 32000. If this value is less that 32000, make sure that you have added hard limits to limit.conf.