Workspace ONE Notebook is a mobile application focusing on mobile productivity and enterprise content security.

You can connect to your Exchange account through Exchange Web Services (EWS) and manage the notes and tasks associated with that account using Workspace ONE Notebook. Administrators can ensure that DLP and application authentication policies are added to protect Notebook data. You can encrypt data at rest and in-flight, and manage on mobile devices through the Workspace ONE UEM console.

Workspace ONE Notebook application is supported on both Android and iOS platforms.

Features of Workspace ONE Notebook

You can use Workspace ONE Notebook to organize your business data. You can create, synchronize, annotate, and collaborate on documents in one place. Some of the features of this application are:

  • Store information in one place and find it easily.

  • Create notes using the rich text editor and manage them.

  • Attach photos and audio recordings to notes.

  • Access flagged emails in you task list.

  • Set reminders to complete high priority tasks.

  • Attach and view Office documents as a part of notes.