Add the Workspace ONE Notebook app as a public application to the Workspace ONE UEM console.

Use this simplified deployment workflow to push the Workspace ONE Notebook app to the end users.


  1. In the Workspace ONE UEM console navigate to Apps & Books >Applications > Native > List View >Public.
  2. Select Add Application.
  3. Configure the Add Application fields.
    Setting Description
    Managed By Select the organization group.
    Platform Select an appropriate platform.
    Name Enter Workspace ONE Notebook.
    Search App Store Search App Store Select to make the application available in the App Store.

    This is applicable for iOS.

    Enter URL Enter the URL of the app.
    Import from Play Select to make the application available in the Play Store. This is applicable for the Android platform. To search the Google Play Store in an on-premises deployment, you must integrate a Google Account with the Workspace ONE UEM MDM environment.
  4. Select the Workspace ONE Notebook application.
  5. (Optional) Assign the custom SDK profile to Workspace ONE Notebook. Only complete this step if you have chosen to use a custom SDK profile instead of the default SDK profile.
    1. Navigate to the SDK tab. It is custom SDK profile.
    2. Select the SDK profile you created during the Notebook configuration steps.
  6. Select Save and Assign.
  7. Select Add Assignment from the updated assignment page and enter the name of assignment group in the Select Assignment Groups text box.
  8. Select Add.
  9. Select Save and Publish.

What to do next

Install Workspace ONE Notebook on a mobile device that is registered or enrolled using Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub or Workspace ONE app. Users must enter their Exchange credentials after initial launch to synchronize Exchange content.