After creating a sideload staging package and downloading it, install it onto the Windows Rugged device to begin the enrollment process.

You can also use the Sideload Staging Utility for Windows Rugged devices to simplify the sideload staging process. See Use the Sideload Staging Utility, WinRugg.
Important: If you want to preconfigure your Wi-Fi connection into the staging cab file, then use the advanced staging feature (Manifest tab on the staging profile) and add a step for installing a production Wi-Fi profile. If this step is not done, then the Wi-Fi profile must be manually set up on the device (preferably before running the staging cab).


  1. Unzip the file and connect your device to the staging machine through USB once the download is complete.
  2. Manually create "\Program Files\AirWatch\Staging" directory on your device. You must add both the AirWatch and staging directories.
  3. Copy the content of the unzipped staging file to the directory you created.
    The staging file contains several directory folders.
  4. Open the "\Program Files\AirWatch\Staging\agent" directory and manually run the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub cab file.


The cab file installs the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub, then the enrollment process completes and the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub enrolls the device, assuming the device has network connectivity.