You can move an existing pull relay server installed with the Windows or new Linux installer by taking the following steps.


If you have a .NET Core pull service in an on-premises environment, you must generate and download the PullServiceInstaller.config file directly from Global OG (not from a Customer OG). This configuration allows you to move the relay server from OG 1 to OG 2 easily without reinstalling the pull service.

If you have a regular .NET Framework pull service or Java pull service installed, then use the following steps to move your relay server from on OG to another.


  1. Delete the existing pull relay server from the original OG on the console. Once it is deleted, the pull discovery text that belongs to the pull service starts appearing on the undiscovered pull discovery page at Global OG.
  2. Navigate to Devices > Provisioning > Relay Servers > Undiscovered Pull Relay Servers and locate the server by searching for your IP address (only available for on-premises).
  3. Copy the pull discovery text that includes the IP address of your selected server.
  4. Create a relay server in the new OG and activate it. After activating the relay server in the new OG, the pull service discovery text listed in the Undiscovered Pull Relay Servers page disappears.