You can configure and enroll rugged devices automatically by editing a previously existing staging package with the Sideload option as the staging enrollment type in the Enrollment Configuration wizard.


You must either have a previously existing staging package or you must create a new staging package before you can attach the sideload option to it. Create this new staging package by following the instructions in Stage Devices With a Manually Created Staging Package.

The staging user for the staging package must be a basic user account. Do not use staging users or multi-user staging.

Following these steps for an Android staging package results in downloading a sideload staging package specifically for Zebra devices.

See also Enroll Honeywell Devices with Sideload Staging, Android and Enroll Platform OEM Devices with Sideload Staging, Android.


  1. Navigate to Devices > Lifecycle > Staging > List View.
  2. Select an existing staging package that you want to attach a sideload option for. Select the More Actions button and select Sideload from the drop-down.
  3. Select the Organization Group to which this staging applies.
  4. (Optional for Android and Windows Rugged, not supported for QNX) Enable Universal Barcode to enable a universal enrollment so devices can be enrolled without automatically assigning an organization group.
    The universal barcode allows you to enroll devices without needing a Sideload enrollment for each organization group.
    The Hub prompts you to enter an organization group after beginning the staging process.
  5. Select Download to start downloading the zip file of the staging sideload.