Workspace ONE UEM lets you "Enterprise Reset" a device, which is a process that is similar to an enterprise wipe, but with one important difference. Profiles and files/actions set to persist on a device are not removed and automatically reinstall on a device following the first reboot after an enterprise reset.

Enterprise Reset is only available for Windows Rugged Devices and Android legacy Motorola, Zebra, and Honeywell devices.
Note: Enterprise Reset cannot run on devices with low battery levels. If you attempt an Enterprise Reset on a device with low battery level, a warning displays alerting to you about potential issues with the Enterprise Reset. On Android devices, the Enterprise Reset command pauses until the device reaches sufficient battery level. Once the device charges, the Reset occurs automatically.
Note: Honeywell Work Managed devices do not currently support the Enterprise Reset action.

Zebra Work Managed devices have special requirements for applying an Enterprise Reset.

  • Zebra device must have Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 1909 or later installed.
  • Zebra devices must have Android 7.0 (Nougat) or later installed.
  • Zebra devices must have MX or later installed.
  • Zebra device enrolls as Work Managed device with a Stage Now barcode using the Device Owner (DO) APF file.
  • Zebra device must be connected to Wi-Fi before launching the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub, otherwise enrollment is blocked. Admin must ensure a Wi-Fi profile pushes with the persist option enabled before initiating the Enterprise Reset.
  • Once the Enterprise Reset finishes, the device re-registers itself as Android Enterprise when the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub runs for the first time.
    • If the registered Android Enterprise account is Laforge, the device end user can skip the gmail account registration.
    • If the registered Android Enterprise account is G Suite, the device end user must provide the previously registered account to finish the device wizard setup.
  • Agent Upgrades
    • Persisted profiles, Event/Actions, and Files-Actions pushed to Hubs earlier than 1908 are retained after an Enterprise Reset but applications must be reinstalled. These applications persist after subsequent resets.
    • Persisted profiles, Event/Actions, Files-Actions, and Applications pushed to Hubs version 1908 and later are retained after an Enterprise Reset.


Once you have complied with the above prerequisites, take the following steps to run an Enterprise Reset.


  1. Navigate to Devices > List View and select a device you want to Enterprise Reset.
  2. On the Device Details View, select the More Actions button.
  3. Select Enterprise Reset, located under Management section.
    If you do not see the Enterprise Reset option for the selected device, then the device might not be eligible for this device action. See the list of prerequisites for details.
  4. Enter your Security Pin in the Restrict Action prompt to perform the Enterprise Reset.