You can migrate from the legacy Pull Service v1.0 to the .NET Core Pull Service v2.0 with no impact to your Pull Relay Server. Content that is queued continues to flow to the Pull Relay Server.

The .NET Core pull service installer does not support an automatic migration with custom discovery text. When you reinstall the same version of the PS or upgrade the PS to a new version, the custom discovery text value is different each time. For this reason, make a note of the complete discovery text value under appsettings.json ("discoveryText") or from the Undiscovered Pull Relay servers page on the console after a fresh installation for the first time (for example: a6af8505-3d0c-4490-ab02-14db2fa3a80c_PSmachine1).

Saving the discovery text value is useful for when you accidentally uninstall the pull service or when you must move the relay server from one OG to another or from one server to another.

Follow this task when you do not want to use custom discovery text after migration and you want to continue using the same default discovery text. The default discovery text is the pull server's IP address plus Mac address.


  1. Install the pull service v2.0 as described in Install Pull Relay Service v2.0, setting Custom Discovery Text, per your preference.
    Note: If you want to apply Custom Discovery Text during the pull service v2.0 installation, the Relay Server configuration in the Workspace ONE UEM console must be updated after the installation.
  2. From the pull server, navigate to the /bin folder of the installation directory, locate the appsettings.json file, and copy the full Discovery text (GUID_CustomText) with the Ctrl-C shortcut.
  3. From the UEM console, navigate to Devices > Provisioning > Relay Servers > List View and select the new pull relay server.
  4. Select the Console Connection tab and paste (Ctrl-V) the Discovery Text from the old server onto the Discovery Text text box of this new server.
  5. Save and Reactivate the server.
  6. Restart the AirWatch Pull Service.