AirWatch Cloud Messaging (AWCM) provides an internal communication solution for the entire Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch solution as a comprehensive replacement for Google Cloud Messaging (GCM).

AWCM provides real-time device management status and command pushes for:

  • Devices that cannot be configured with a Google Account.
  • Devices restricted to internal network communication.
  • Devices without public Internet access.

Enable AWCM

Enable AWCM by navigating to Devices > Device Settings > Android > Hub Settings > AirWatch Cloud Messaging.

Select Enabled on Use AWCM Instead of C2DM to enable AWCM. Selecting this option locks the deployment type to Always Running so that the system and device have a constant and ongoing line of communication. You can also leave the Use AWCM Instead of C2DM check box deselected and decide to make the deployment type Always Running or Manual, with an associated timeout value.